Monthly Archives: May 2009

Watch This Space

This is not a blog. Yet.

However, it will become a blog. Just wait. It will start on the 22nd of August, 2009, when I turn nineteen years of age. It will also finish on the 21st of August, 2010, the day before I turn twenty. This blog will be a chronicle of my last year of being a teenager. Hence the blog’s title (obviously).

This is the result of a few ideas coming together. Firstly, I am getting a new camera for my birthday, the Nikon D60. Secondly, I want to start blogging again. I had a blog (or rather, have a blog, albeit one that isn’t updated anymore), which you can see for yourself. Thirdly, I’m fascinated by the idea of some sort of record of my life that I can look at years down the track. 

The medium of blogging is good for telling a story like this. Photoblogging is even better. I can tell a story that wouldn’t otherwise get published, and if anybody reads it, then that’s a bonus. Being committed to taking (at least) a photo per day that makes that day somehow memorable increases both the motivation for blogging regularly and developing photographic skills. By memorable, I don’t mean extraordinary, but as a way of distinguishing each day from the other three hundred and sixty four. So that in five, ten, twenty years, this blog will tell a story.

There will be a new post each day, starting from August 22. There will be one featured photo per day, but more can be found at my Flickr page. There are already some photos there, but more will be added when I get my camera. Finally, please follow me on Twitter to receive updates about the blog and my life in general.

Watch this space.