Day 1- 22nd August 2009

So. Here we go. The blog!

So, today is my birthday. The idea was that I’d be getting a camera for my birthday (the Nikon D3000), but unfortunately it hasn’t come in yet (it’s a new model). But don’t worry! I’ll just use my old camera for now until that comes in.

Today started with the ritual giving of the gifts (always good fun). Got an Imperial Chinese playing cards deck and a Dylan Moran DVD from my parents. Sarah made me an apron which says “Real Men Bake Cakes” and a hot water bottle cover that says “Sarah” (Mary and Max-themed injoke). Also, Sarah’s mum made me a beanie. Heh.

I was a bit disappointed to find that the camera hadn’t come in yet, but managed to take some interesting and fun shots of making the cake for tonight. Mum made a chocolate cake, and the plan was to cut it into thirds horizontally, fill one bit with chocolate mousse and the other with raspberry palette. Unfortunately, several things went wrong and we had to improvise, so the results should be interesting (and delicious!). Many photos were taken, and I got to wear my apron.

Tonight, I’m going out with my family to have dinner at Cellini’s in Heidelberg and then out with friends to the Night Cat to celebrate. I’ll post photos tomorrow, as it will be almost 3am by the time I get home. Today’s photo is one of me wearing my new apron and licking chocolate mousse off a whisk. More photos of today can be found on my Flickr page, and I’ll add the rest later.


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