Day 2- 23rd August 2009

Today was markedly less exciting. It consisted mainly of resizing photos, uploading them and then jumping up and down when the computer would freeze every five seconds. They’re here by the way– I’ve added photos from putting the cake together, dinner with my family and then going out with friends. Mum’s also put the photos from making the cake up on her photoblog, along with the cake’s story, which is pretty amusing.

I also wrote back and thanked everybody who wished me a happy birthday on Facebook– 42 people in all! I felt pretty special. Please don’t laugh. It’s funny, though, how something like Facebook makes it easier and more likely for people to do things like wish you a happy birthday. I’m pretty hopeless at remembering birthdays myself, and I wouldn’t really phone anybody, except a close friend. It’s interesting how something like Facebook lets you casually communicate and send non-committal messages. I wonder if that devalues the ones I got, but I don’t really care, because I like being able to say that 42 people wrote me messages. Heh.

Later, I started work on my Psychology essay, but reading about primitive emotional contagion and the two-step flow model of opinion influence made me sleepy. I took my blanket, lay down on my bed and went to sleep. When I woke up, the sun was setting, painting the sky in those colours that seem to occur most often on Sunday afternoons (it’s nature’s way of mocking us because the weekend is over). I ran (or rather, stumbled sleepily) outside and took some photos (including today’s photo) before the light disappeared. It’s a pity that the camera didn’t quite get the colours the way they appeared. I hope I get my Nikon soon.


3 responses to “Day 2- 23rd August 2009

  1. Sophie wishes her Godfather a belated Birthday and was very interested in your blog. She concurred with your actions following your attempt at reading your psychology books as she too fell asleep at this point .

  2. Great number, 42. Significant. Good luck with the blogging Sasha. You’ve got a wonderful role model to follow. Your Mum does great stuff! I can see a bit of her in your writing style. I think you’ve got what it takes.
    By the way, Happy Birthday! That cake looked delicious.

  3. I’m sure there’s some scientific reason why I can NEVER get a decent photo of the sky.

    Or maybe I just need to spring for a real camera…

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