Day 5- August 26, 2009

Nobody fell asleep on top of me on the train this morning, which was pleasant. Unfortunately, the train made this BEEP BEEP BEEP noise every five seconds, which totally ruined the mood. But then good news! The manager of a local deli/cafe called me back, so it looks like I have a job! Woo! I’m going to have to think of less exciting things to say, because this exclaimation mark usage is getting out of hand.

Anyway, so I was pretty pleased because it’s a local place and I’ve been looking for cafe work for the last couple of weeks since doing a barista course (see Monday’s post). I’m waiting for the manager to figure out the roster and call back, but apparently I start next week. It’s at the end of the strip of shops in Watsonia, so if you live nearby, come and give me a visit! (Sorry, I will stop with the exclaimation points now…)

Today, being Wednesday, is my most full day of the week, beginning with a two-hour lecture on Anarchism. The lecture theatre is in some new building and was obviously designed by architects on opioids (check it out for yourself). I intended to go to the gym afterwards, but I left my towel at home. How disappointing. (This story goes nowhere).

Today’s photo comes from a psychological experiment in which I participated. As part of my Psychology course, I have to participate in three hours of research experience per semester, which can be pretty interesting. Last semester, I participated in this extremely confusing experiment on “social perceptions” that involved rating paintings for artistic merit and saying how a mug with the Australian flag on it “made you feel”; as well as a particularly painful computer-based experiment in a darkened room that rapidly required you to estimate the average of two numbers (and repeat ad infinitum).

The one I did today was a series of memory tasks, starting with being shown the location of nine pictures on a 3×3 grid (above) and then having to recall it, then recalling word lists. I was really pleased with myself because I got some super-dooper high score by trying to make a story out of the items I had to remember. Heh. What an achievement.

It was also Maxim’s namesday today (as I mentioned yesterday), which was good fun because our aunt and grandma came over with some form of three dimensional Oxfam tic tac toe game that smelled exotic. We ate schnitzel and vegetable lasagne (which was good because I was STARVING!), and quite a variety of dessert to follow (see here). Yum!


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