Day 7- August 28, 2009

Well, I guess the defining feature of today was that I finally got my camera. Hence the photo. I’m sort of breaking from the chronological format of previous posts, but hey- it’s my blog.

Got a call in the morning from Michael’s Camera Store telling me that it had come in (must better than the expected date of September 13), so I was pretty pleased. After going to the gym and to my music tute (in which we listened to Chuck Berry and Elvis Presley), I went down to the shop to get it.

In case you haven’t heard (and I can’t be bothered checking whether I’ve told the story earlier in the blog, so I’ll just write it out in full), I was meant to get the Nikon D60 for my birthday and use it to start this blog. But then Nikon discontinued the D60 and I had to get the D3000. They told me it would come out on my birthday, but it didn’t. Then they told me it would come out in a month, but it came out today. Sigh. It’s all good now.

Anyway, apart from some interesting uni reading I had to do today on the linguistics of homosexual culture, that is my story. Went to the camera shop, and spent about an hour waiting for the camera to be sent down from the warehouse and for the payment to come through and for this, that and the other. To my amusement, there was an employee called Jesus, who kept running around with one of those puzzles where you have to unhook the loops (don’t know what they’re called). He was making a godawful (how ironic) noise because the chains were massive and looked like they were salvaged from the slavery era. So he was running around and performing his magic trick for everyone.

So today wasn’t that exciting to talk about. It was pretty cool for me, getting my hands on the camera and taking a few shots. Today’s photo isn’t really that relevant, but I didn’t really have anythign to photograph, so I just took some photos on my way home. Hopefully, I’ll get to photograph some interesting things soon. Again, check out my Flickr page, there’s a few more there.


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