Day 8- August 29, 2009

Well, let’s start with the picture. Mum’s been bugging me for ages to do something about the level of clutter, dust and general disarray (South Park reference unintentional) in my room. To be honest, once it gets to the stage where I choke from inhaling dust or have to play a game of Jenga every time I need something from my desk, I get the feeling I really should. It’s a bit disturbing seeing dust mass into balls, knowing they’ll soon become consious and organise workers’ unions and come after me. Not really, but breathing in dust isn’t really that pleasant.

So I cleaned up, the first stage being taking EVERYTHING off my table, piano, coffee table and bookshelf and putting it on my bed so I could dust the aforementioned surfaces. The photo is of all of the things that were piled on my bed. Took quite a while to sort out. Ha.

Enough about cleaning. I spent the rest of the day doing my Psychology essay, which isn’t really that worth mentioning (or now that I have mentioned it, worth elaborating upon), but I took a break to play with my camera and went outside to take photos of nothing in particular. Take a look!


2 responses to “Day 8- August 29, 2009

  1. Hi Sasha
    I followed your mum’s suggestion and checked out your new blog. It’s great! I am very entertained by your style of writing. Oh, and your pics are good too! Keep up the fine work, will definitely drop in from time to time.

  2. After much searching I finally found a bit of spotty alligator. Kind of like Wheres Wally, but with stuffed toys?

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