Day 9- August 30, 2009

God I love Mean Girls. Such a great film. We had a meeting of the committee for the 2009 Russian Orthodox Youth Conference (aka Syezd) today followed by a film night featuring heaps of food (pictured). I had been pushing for Mean Girls from a while back, so I was pretty thrilled when it won the vote with about four people for it (one for The Cable Guy, nobody for Napoleon Dynamite, and about 20 abstained due to apathy).

The committee meeting was pretty epic, what with arguing exactly how many kilograms of sausages to buy from our “special contacts” (well, we got 17.3kg last time, so let’s go with that…) for the fundraiser BBQ, who will be making the lima bean soup and who will be making the cabbage filling for the piroshkii; and how best to fix a typo on 15,000 homemade lottery tickets.

Then came the movie and the eating, with more pizzas than we could handle and some cheap-ass “AC” Cola (only 42c per can!!). It turns out AC stands for Australia’s Choice, although I don’t really know how they back up that claim. More photos of the meeting/film night/food gorging here.

Earlier, in the day, I went for a walk to try out my new camera. Down the street and up to the railway tracks and the park and whatnot. Some of the cherry blossoms are out, which are good to photograph, and just to prove I’m not just a flower-photographing pansy (makes me think of the Lumberjack Song…), I also took some of dramatic skies and footy goalpoasts. That’s a manly thing to do, yeah? Photos here.


One response to “Day 9- August 30, 2009

  1. I resent the comment about AC Cola. It was 43c per can.

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