Day 10- August 31, 2009

In case you can’t tell what that is (and I don’t blame you), it is the rather sad remains of a “snowman” I came across on the corner of La Trobe and Swanston today. Got a brief look on the way in- “he” was wearing a sign saying something like: “Enjoy me while you can- I’ll be gone soon”. I’m guessing it’s a climate change statement? Anyway, he looked a bit sad and unrecognisable when I came past again a few hours later, so I decided to bestow upon him “Immortality Through Photography”. That has a nice ring to it… can we get it printed on banners?

The day started somewhat annoyingly with what seemed to be the entire local high school at the train station. Lucky me, I also got them on the way back home later in the day. Argh. Tried to escape by changing carriages while the train stopped at a station, but the second carriage was worse than the first. After a while, I remembered I had my iPod with me, so I put on some Simon and Garfunkel, closed my eyes and pretended I wasn’t surrounded by about a hundred school students, several weary looking teachers and one fellow handing out pamplets explaining that there is a secret feminist conspiracy aimed at discriminating against and subjugating men.

Aside from that, my sole lecture today was spent giggling at the concept of “the fruit machine” (a contraption used by the Mounties in the 50s, similar to a polygraph, which was supposed to test for homosexuality) and other ridiculous things. Heh. The day ended with me making meatballs for dinner, taking no photos of the experience (to everybody’s surprise) and watching a film called Dogville with James. Freaky.

Tried to take some photos today, but couldn’t really find anything to take photos of. I’m sick of taking photos of tree branches, even if they do look cool. Does anybody want their photo taken, or come with me someplace to take photos of more interesting things?


3 responses to “Day 10- August 31, 2009

  1. Instead of taking pics of trees etc which you can certianly keep doing why not take a daily selfportrait against something,building ,tree any thing that could act as a marker. You could be quiet obsessive about it and do it at exactly the same time every day. Just an idea.
    Happy blogging.

  2. I demand a picture with you!
    Well… at least by the end of the month…

  3. Um, well how about your birthday?
    I’ll bring my camera, and I’ll take a shitload of photos.
    Sound like a plan to you?

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