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Day 40- September 30, 2009

Today was Sarah’s brother’s birthday, so we took him to the movies to celebrate. I took quite a few photos today, but beach photos have already been done and hilarious as the photos of Sarah’s youngest brother in massive sunglasses are, I thought this one would be more relevant. Today’s photo is Jo “jumping for joy” (heh lame) at turning 14, especially since he got a pack of freckles from me.

We saw Up, which is the new animated Pixar film about an old man trying to fly a helium balloon-powered house to South America. We thought it was really good. SQUIRREL! (I was stuck with what to say next, but if you’ve seen the movie, you’ll find it funny). I liked the fact that although it was ultimately a children’s film, it managed to be interesting to an older audience without being one of those children’s films that are peppered with innuendo for long-suffering parents.

The rest of the day was spent either avoiding or photographing Sarah’s rather numerous siblings (yay! I don’t have to take photos of the dog!), lazing around on the beach or failing at Scrabble with Sarah’s grandma (I am so cool). I don’t think I was too bad for someone who has never played actual Scrabble (I’ve played a few online games, but cheated in all of them), but ended up bailing as soon as I realised that I had no chance against a pretty seasoned player. I can’t decide whether that makes me a sore loser or just plain lazy. Probably both.


Day 39- September 29, 2009

Watching another installment of Lord of the Rings. Finally onto the third and last film. Woo! (That’s the extended edition). Just saw Saruman meet a somewhat pointy (heh) end and are all now deliberating whether Saruman’s boots would look nice on us.

Also, I finally saw Inglourious Basterds today, which is the new Tarantino film in case you’ve been living under a rock or particularly shady tree. I thought it was pretty good, in typcal Tarantino style with a great soundtrack. I’m pretty glad I finally saw it, as I’ve been blocking my ears and yelling loudly whenever people had been talking about it (reminiscent of Roy from IT Crowd). I’d recommend it to anybody who likes a good film, a good laugh and doesn’t mind a bit of scalping and other forms of nasty (albeit sometimes hilarious!) violence. (SPOILER ALERT: Hitler gets owned).

Apart from that, we spent the day shopping for lunch for friends that never arrived (damnation!), eating somewhat rich mousse cake and having a lot of fun singing at the piano. Family friends of Sarah’s came over at some point with their collaborative project for the children:  a map of the local area featuring 3d “landmarks”, such as the trees and ocean in today’s picture. Anyway, I should go. There’s some drama on the screen involving Gollum. That dude needs dental care…

Day 38- September 28, 2009

Today’s photo is of a deceptively unfriendly dog I dubbed Sargeant Paws. On returning from our trip to Bathurst to visit her relatives, Sarah and I were looking for a place to stop for coffee and came across a town in which everything appeared to be shut (at only 5pm!!). We passed the local police stationa and saw him in the yard. He looked quite friendly, but snarled and pounced when we came near. Obviously, the locals don’t look kindly on “out of towners”. It did kinda look like Twin Peaks… *bass line*

The rest of the day was spent eating Smarties and listening to Bowie; both of which are most admirable pursuits. Sorry for the short post (to whoever is reading this?), but we’re all watching The Two Towers and laughing hysterically.

Day 37- September 27, 2009

Today started like any good day. With chocolate. For breakfast. Which is to say that the chocolate cupcakes that I made last night weren’t overly inclined to leave the comfort of their cupcake tins, and so upon breaking them into several sub-cupcakular pieces, I was forced to salvage them. And this was called breakfast.

We then drove down to Sydney for church, which was good fun considering the soundtrack on the way, which included REM, Maroon 5 (sung in a high voice) and Black Eyed Peas (sung in a low voice with a Rasta accent). Sarah somehow resisted the urge to run over the plethora of cyclists present on the roads due to some sort of cycling event or another (woo!).

After lunch, which consisted of a most classy combination of Boost Juice and chicken nuggets, we drove up the mountains to Sarah’s uncle and aunt’s place (where I am writing this AS WE SPEAK!!). The rest of the day consisted of traipzing around national parks (PHOTO!) with terrible German accents, lazing in front of the fireplace with beer and cheese; and discussing a wide variety of music (all of which made us feel terribly cultured and negated the fact that we stuffed our respective faces with reconstituted fried chicken for lunch).

Day 36- September 26, 2009

Hooray! Grand Final day! I mean, it doesn’t mean anything to me, but since Sarah’s family is “quite” into football (“quite” being a German word meaning excessively), I spent most of the day either avoiding the game (argh! accidentally saw the kickoff! watched sports…) or blowing up red balloons (there were red and blue and white balloons for both St Kilda and Geelong– how egalitarian!!– but I refused to blow up any balloons that could be used to show support for Geelong).

As previously mentioned, most of the day was spent avoiding the Grand Final, so we went to the beach in the afternoon (today’s photo! who would have thought?!). The water is still too cold for my delicate tastes, so we just climbed on and sat on rocks; watching “the resident bogans” (Sarah’s words, not mine) chase their children and their dogs, taking several thousand boring photos of sand in the process (postmodernist much?). I’ve just realised that I’m starting to use a lot more parentheses than I used to, but I won’t apologise and will instead call it “stream of consciousness” even though it’s clearly not.

After that, we came home and made quite a bit of food. And mess. That is still to be cleaned up. Argh! (But blogging comes first). Actually, that’s a lie. We cleaned up the mess, but I thought it would be more dramatic that way. I’m sorry. So. Food. In addition to making meatballs for dinner (which somewhat failed, but then were resurrected in the form of food), we made lots and lots of small cupcakes. Cupcakes of apple and chocolate, which is to say, two types of cupcakes. Unfortunately, a lot of the chocolate ones fell apart, the key ingredient being Nutella. And by unfortunately, I mean that we ate a lot of chocolate cupcakes. Whoo!

Day 35- September 25, 2009

Today was spent in Sydney, which is to say Sydney Sydney, as opposed to “up on the Central Coast” Sydney (which isn’t really Sydney at all, but… never mind).

After being thoroughly confused on the train (“NOBODY NEEDS TWENTY THREE PLATFORMS!”), we went to the Powerhouse Museum, which was pretty much my childhood (and Sarah’s, as she is eager to add… this whole collaborative writing thing isn’t working out for me; perhaps I’m not suited to Web 2.0). After oohing and ahhing at expensive chairs and ugly dresses, we spent about half an hour being lectured on the intricate working of a rather large clock, which, among things, told you the time in six major cities, the “moon age” (struggling to avoid making Bowie reference here), and depicted several French kings and Satan (for some reason).

We then went down to the childrens’ section, which was fully amazing for me, because it pretty much hadn’t changed since 1996 (my sixth birthday was teh shizz). Today’s photo is of me attempting to look nonchalant and non-stuck (cf. Pooh Gets Stuck) in a “Designated Childrens’ Zone”. It was awesome. There were Teddy Bears having picnics, a Homer Simpsonesque walk-on piano and a pedal-powered fire engine, off which I almost fell. (And I also “rode” a Penny Farthing… Woo!)

Lunch was pancakes, which is to say, super-chocolatefied pancakes with cream and chocolate icecream (not to mention strawberries with chocolate sauce). So, basically, all the major food groups. Being a total embarrassment to myself, I managed to pull off the Major Tourist look with some ease, taking several thousand photos of Circular Quay (while smiling at other photographers who had Nikons and scowling at the Canon and Sony folk). And then a walk through the CBD, during which I took another fifteen million (actually probably about fifty, but that sounds nowhere near as impressive) photos, mainly of buildings “which looked cool”.

After a brief stroll through the Botannical Gardens (which ended at closing time when a man in a little vehicle with a flashing light evicted us), we met up with some friends for dinner, which involved the telling of several crazy stories (did I mention these friends were half-Russian?) and the freaking out of our poor waiter (who managed to come into choice conversations such as: “so I put in heaps of mayonnaise to kill the old people”).

Then, while sitting by the Quay, we were approached by a group of scavenger hunters, who needed an “awkward third-wheeler shot”. We happily obliged, but forgot to ask them to email it to us (O! What A Loss For The Blog!). Then we got coffee and tea and went home. The end. (I can so not form sentences and/or spell at 2am, especially when Sarah’s keyboard is set to UK for some reason and is confusing)

Day 34- September 24, 2009

Well, today’s airport drama was slightly less epic than last time. A flight delayed one hour is SLIGHTLY better than one delayed about seven (lol Sarah), even if it meant standing in a check-in queue that literally went about five hundred metres (through the domestic check-in section, out and through the food court, through all the lines in the international departures and back into domestic… sigh).

One Boost juice, several noisy children and a few bumps to the head later (they make plane ceilings too low for people like me), I arrived in Sydney. I took some shots in-flight (mainly too fuzzy/washed-out, except for some sweet ones I took landing in Sydney), but I’ll upload them later since Sarah’s internet is being somewhat of a bitch, and it’s all I can do to upload one photo. Today’s photo is us on the train, obviously. It was that or me drinking fruit juice. It was pink. And I drank it through a straw. But I’m entirely heterosexual, I swear!

The rest of the day was spent at the beach and helping a friend with a massive television that could barely fit in the van (how is he going to fit it into his house?). The latter activity entailed travelling to the Kmart dock, attended by a surly fellow whom I nicknamed Patches McGee (on account of some strange patch he had on his face). He seemed very reluctant to deal with customers (otherwise known as emerging from his lair), and this was signalled by the fact that the “service bell” was hidden behind approximately fifteen tonnes of crap. More like a DISSERVICE bell, if you ask me. Heh.

So we’re watching Lord of the Rings now. The extended one. I’d keep writing, but this is all pretty hardcore. So yeah. Mwah.