Day 11- September 1, 2009

It’s spring. And everybody’s going on about it. It’s as if everybody somehow expected winter would last forever. Like Narnia or something. Anyway, I’m not happy. The weather’s still cold and I can’t sing “A Hazy Shade of Winter” anymore. But it’s spring nonetheless, and I decided to take a photo of something spring-y, since I had nothing better.

In fact (and this is slightly sad), I went for a drive looking for something interesting to photograph, but ended up with nothing more than a few shots of flowers and a rented copy of Watchmen (this didn’t magically appear; I stopped off at the video shop). The photo for the day is just a tree in my backyard, but it kinda looks happy aganist the blue sky, with its branches everywhere, like its going “yay!” or reenacting the Toyota commercial.

In other news, the day started somewhat amusingly with a fellow stumbling into the 10am Psych lecture with a bottle of Corona in hand. I would have taken a photo, but didn’t have the camera. Gosh darnit. So he came in, pushed past a few people to get to his seat, whereupon he developed a severe hiccuping fit, slumped over for a bit and then pushed and stumbled his way out again. It was very amusing.

As always, photos here.


2 responses to “Day 11- September 1, 2009

  1. 1) Do you still have that photo of me jumping toyota style?
    2) I really love the way you write. It makes me smile, and be proud of you.
    3) I love, very much, rather a lot, forever… that kind of thing.

  2. I love you*

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