Day 12- September 2, 2009

Wow. Long day. Explains why I’m writing this so late. But Josiah is promoting my blog, so I felt I owed it to him to do this properly. And it’s his and Sarah’s two years anniversary today, so yay. It’s my parent’s anniversary too, but that’s less exciting, because that kind of thing gets tired after 25 years. Heh. I think I preferred the 24th anniversary though. Musical instruments are so much more interesting than silver.

But yes, long day. Any day that begins with a two hour, somewhat unintelligible, lecture on post-colonialism is bound to be a long day. Said lecture is followed by a session in the gym, during which Messrs. Simon and Garfunkel become lodged in my head and remain there for the remainder of the day. I can still hear “He brought joy, joy, joy, joy, joy… into my heart”. Gah. How annoying. For those of you noticing I mentioned them yesterday, please note I do listen to other music, and that this is purely coincidental.

Anyway, the university was holding some sort of “reception” for students who got a high enough high school score to be guaranteed a postgraduate placement. I had a bit of a Seinfeld moment where even though I dried off and got changed after going to the gym, I was still warm and started sweating profusely. Luckily, nobody accused me of stealing sporting gear. (Apologies to anybody who hasn’t seen that episode- “The Jimmy”). It wasn’t that interesting, but I got some sandwiches and a coffee voucher out of it, so it wasn’t a total waste.

Met up with Alex, who was busy preparing a drawing folio for a VCA film or animation course (sorry, can’t remember which!). We discussed some ideas for his entrance requirements, which includes a short story and some short film clips. He was annoyed that whenever he thought of what seemed to be a good idea, he’d realise it had been done before, like the time he realised that what he thought was a Eureka moment was really the opening to Footloose. I laughed, because it reminded me of the time I thought I had come up with a great chord progression for the piano, but was really just playing Hotel California.

So we went to this place called Rooftop Bar, which was, funnily enough, on a rooftop. It was a pretty good place, and I had just enough coins for a lemon, lime and bitters, although it was pretty embarrassing counting out petty change. Will have to go back when it’s good weather again, and I actually have some money. There’s something about reclining on a deckchair above the city with some tequila that appeals to me. It is a great pity that voice does not come through the blog, because I was about to put on my Mexican accent. But then again, it’s probably a blessing it doesn’t.

Anyway, so fast forward to the evening, which was really the highlight of the day. My brother Maxim was competing at his school’s (the same one I used to go to) piano and instrumental competition, in the most senior category. The competition was pretty stiff (another violinist, two pianists and a clarinet player) but he ended up with first place! Today’s picture is of him looking pretty excited, holding the trophy in one hand, and his certificate and (not pictured) a $200 check in the other. There’s other photos from tonight on my Flickr page, so check them out. Also other photos from Rooftop, and other things. I’m thinking the structure of this is starting to fall apart, but I’m tired, so cut me some slack, would you?! Sorry to snap at you like that, but I should get some sleep.

Wow. Long post. But it was a long day


One response to “Day 12- September 2, 2009

  1. Great blog!

    Thanks for the nod, by the way 😛 hehe.

    I’m sad I missed your brothers triumph. My sister was performing in the Quintet, but I thought I’d give it a miss cause… I’m a bad brother?

    Anyway, loving the blog!

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