Day 13- September 3, 2009

My Psychology tute is a very peculiar creature. Last week (as readers may recall), we stood in Melbourne Central and pointed at absolutely nothing in order to investigate conformity. This week, we discussed our experiences, namely concluding that “it wasn’t as fun as it should have been” and “where’s my icecream?”. Well, those were my conclusions. The great thing about that tute is that although it’s scheduled to go for two hours, it finishes as soon as the discussion is over. So on a nice sunny day, we can get out over an hour early if we just sit there demurely and avoid bringing up interesting topics.

So that explains why we were sitting on the South Lawn and watching Youtube videos on my laptop (check this out if you haven’t already) instead of learning about Milgram and Asch and all those other social psychologists that got up to naughty things that no ethics board would dream of allowing these days. Photo credit to Jackie, as I clearly didn’t take that one.

This was followed by a tute on sexuality, in which we labelled most activities “homoerotic”, lunch with Miko, during which we discussed many things (which I now cannot remember), three hours of sitting in a room and trying to research an essay, a 60 second epic thunderstorm, a lecture and a train ride home in which the carriage periodically switched to mood lighting. I wish they’d keep it that way; it’s like when they dim the lights on airplanes. And now I’m full from roast, salad and fruit. I feel like the exploding fat guy from the Monty Python sketch (“it’s only wafer thin!”). Watch it, quick quick! The sketch begins with a song about penises and a great deal of projectile vomit, so be patient.


2 responses to “Day 13- September 3, 2009

  1. I love the picture for today!
    Is that Con M with you?

  2. Baha no actually. His name is Cameron and he’s from my Psych tute. But yes, from that angle he does incredibly resemble Con.

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