Day 14- September 4, 2009

There are two types of days. There are those in which I have an umbrella just in case it rains, and there are those in which it rains. The latter do not involve umbrellas. This was one of those days; and I just realised how much what I’ve written unintentionally resembles the opening to Law and Order. Heh.

Anyway, the day began with sunshine. I think it was sunny. In any case, it wasn’t raining then. I stepped out from the train station to the street and saw a depression helpline billboard. The sign read: “You’re not alone”. Unfortunately, there was something in the way and from my angle it instead read: “You’re no one”. How ironic, I thought to myself, and boarded a tram, avoiding the Scientologists outside the State Library.

The Music tute was suffiently fun, what with listening to Dylan and Hendrix constituting part of my education. Thank you, Melbourne Model. I’m trying to think of what to write about for my major essay, seeing as we can use set topics or come up with their own. Considering writing about typography and metal bands. Heh.

Went out for a bit tonight, seeing it was Marta and Veronika’s birthdays. In fact, I only stayed for the pre-drinks on account of having to be up early tomorrow, but it was a nice enough place in Hardware Lane, called Charlie’s Bar. Today’s picture is from there. I was being annoying enough with the flash, so I turned it off and took some more “moody” shots, to quote Scott. It was good to catch up with people and meet a few new ones.


4 responses to “Day 14- September 4, 2009

  1. typography?
    I’d be so proud of you…

  2. I love Charlie’s Bar! My old piano teacher Howard Belling used to play there on Thursday nights with Tony Hicks!

  3. Ah, the inimitable Tony Hicks!

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