Day 15- September 5, 2009

Woo I started work today! I’m now working at Oink Cafe in Watsonia (next to the IGA) so if you’re in the area on a Monday or Tuesday afternoon or a Saturday, come visit. I’m pretty happy because its about a 10 minute walk from home and is a fairly cool place to work. Today saw me making coffees, remaking coffees (because I accidentally put the soy milk in the latte and the skinny milk in the cap instead of vice versa), grating carrots and making Black Books references (“cooks have burns!”).

So after my shift there, I came home and tutored. I love the fact that I can tutor a student in English and help them write an essay and develop ideas on a book I haven’t read (in this case, Miller’s The Crucible). I think bullshitting skills are definitely highly prized in the education industry.

Later on, Miko and Andrew came over. I had a compulsion to play Guitar Hero from listening to Purple Haze in my Music tute yesterday, so unfortunately they had to wait until I finished playing the song (or rather, until I had failed the song) before I let them in. Eventually, we got around to watching Watchmen, which I now need to discuss with other people (even though this will probably lead to physical violence, as people who enjoy discussing films also tend to feel quite strongly about them). I’m not going to post my thoughts on it here (because I’ll never get to sleep then, and I have to wake up tomorrow and go barbeque things so that Russian people can congregate in Melbourne and pretend to pay attention to religious lectures while drinking too much), but I’m up for some lively discussion if anybody’s interested.

At this point (being the point in time at which we had all supped and finished watching the film), I realised I still hadn’t taken a photo for the blog (gasp). Luckily, Miko seemed quite keen on baking something, since the last thing she had baked turned out rather unsuccessfully. So we all flipped through recipe books while watching amusing videos on Youtube (what else do we do with our lives?). If you haven’t watched the “literal” version of Total Eclipse of the Heart, I suggest you do so immediately (unintentional Black Books reference).

Eventually, we settled on a recipe (banana and choc chip muffins- pictured), but Andrew had to leave due to having to pick his sister up from Pascoe Vale (figures). We promised to leave him some muffins, but ended up deciding that it would be morally justifiable to keep them all for ourselves on the grounds that they would probably be dry and horrible by the time we next saw him (utilitarianlism applied to muffins). So my parents came home and were pleasantly and somewhat amusingly suprised (“Why are you baking muffins at ten in the evening?” “I NEEDED A PHOTO!”). Heh. I also have other amusing photos up on my Flickr page, including one that Miko took of me, framed in flowers.


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