Day 16- September 6, 2009

Fundraiser BBQ today, which explains today’s photo and the tiny oil burns all over my arms. We managed to raise almost $1000 towards the Syezd (Youth Conference), which was a pretty good effort considering it was Fathers’ Day. According to Sarah, “thats a thousand dollars towards prawns neither of us will eat”. Heh. I hate prawns…

I arrived to find Kolya and Sasha chopping onions and weeping somewhat profusely. I laughed at them, but it was only about two minutes until I was crying as well and had to go pretend to set up tables to escape the kitchen. Then, after a brief stint of mixing coleslaw (or rather, conspiring to commit mayonnaise-based homocide against the largely elderly congregation in the hopes that they left some money to me), I went outside to barbeque and be all macho.

Since we had several dozen kilograms of meat to barbeque, we got to it; “we” being a bunch of guys standing around relishing the oppurtunity to look blokey and justify drinking beer before lunchtime. In fact, only two of us were barbequeing, but it was completely necessary to have the rest standing around to pass us things and complain about Zack Snyder’s fight choreography. We had this whole “production line” model happening, moving our sausages or chops to right as they passed through arbitrary stages of “being ready”. This worked pretty well, apart from the one chop that was taken back because it was “only medium rare”. Terribly sorry we weren’t able to read your mind. Heh.

Eventually, we got through most of the meat (along with the onions and Sasha’s sad little vege sausages) and decided to go eat, washing it down with good old 43c-a-can AC cola, and finishing up with several types of cake. Needless to say, I haven’t eaten anything else for the rest of the day (although I might sample one of yesterday’s cupcakes– see yesterday’s post).

Came home, slept a bit, attempted to research for my Politics essay. If anybody can tell me whether there is a conflict in liberal theory between the desire for liberty and the desire for equality, I would be very happy. Please note, your answer must be around 1500-1700 words, cite and analyse the relevant literature, be concise and critical and have a consistent bibliography (I prefer MLA, but I wouldn’t hold it against you if you used APA). I’ll get it done at some point…

(Oh, and by the way, check out the rest of today’s photos of the BBQ)


One response to “Day 16- September 6, 2009

  1. I got quoted! wooooo

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