Day 17- September 7, 2009

Oops, forgot to blog yesterday. So here it is, in case anybody’s been reading and noticed an anomaly. I haven’t given up, and nothing terrible has happened to me (yay). I didn’t, however, have anything interesting to photograph yesterday, so this fairly generic picture of me drinking coffee will have to do. I love coffee. In fact, I’m drinking it right now. And my S mug is pretty cool. I think everybody should have personalised mugs.

Student elections are on this week. Elections for something, I’m not really sure. For a Politics student, I’m pretty apathetic. All I know is that there are a lot of people walking around and handing out pamphlets and trying to point how dissatisfied we all really are with our lives. The scariest are the Left Unionists because they want to shake me out of my comfortable bourgeous lifestyle.

So I only had one lecture. But it was good, because we got to learn about Sartre’s sex life and saw this hilarious poster which said: “You too can be a lesbian!”. I have no idea what the purpose of that poster was, but it was very funny and I want it in my room. Along with the poster of Little Albert that I never got… sigh.

I had another shift at work and was slightly disappointed to find that I have fewer hours than before and that I’ve been moved from the cafe/deli section to the butchers. It’s a pity, because I like making coffee and I don’t like scrubbing bloody meat trays so much. Sigh. Hopefully once the renovations are done and the rosters are finalised, I’ll get more shifts and some in the cafe.

But then I had tutoring, which was good. I think I much prefer sitting in a comfortable chair and discussing argument structure to getting blood off things, especially when it pays more than twice as much. It’s pretty satisfying, too, when the student “gets it”, or you can see that you’ve helped them. I don’t think I could ever become a teacher, though…

So that was the day. It was pretty boring, so if you were hanging out for something interesting to make up for the fact that I’ve posted late, I’m sorry. But not really. Go drink some coffee.


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