Day 18- September 8, 2009

Another somewhat uneventful day. At least we finished the Social Psychology unit for now. The topic could have been pretty interesting, and some interesting ideas and research were raised, but all in all the lectures were a bit of a let-down, what with the lecturer’s tendency to go on and on about somehwhat irrelevant things. For example, in discussing the “Robber’s Cave experiment”, which showed how easily group identification and hostility could be formed, about half the lecture was spent describing (in great detail) the layout of the campsite at which the study was held, as well as the intricate workings of the camp’s irrigation system.

My Music subject just keeps getting better and better. The topic for this week was Heavy Metal and Glam Rock, so we got to listen to Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Cream, Bruce Springsteen, Lou Reed and David Bowie in today’s lecture. The lecture is an absolute crack-up (and reminds me of Julia Zemiro!), fanning herself and swooing while watching Bruce Springsteen perform in a somewhat unbuttoned, sleeveless flannel shirt. When we listened to Bowie’s Aladdin Sane, she shrieked, collapsed behind the table and emerged some time later panting. I get the feeling it was a good thing she stopped the song before the piano solo…

I spent the rest of the day trying to get some work done, which is probably too boring to mention, apart from the music journal I did on Bowie. That was good fun. I plan to do my major essay on him– will just have to think up a good and relevant topic. Any suggestions?

So as I said, there wasn’t much to photograph today. I ended up taking a photo of dinner, it being ribs with mashed potato and some vegetables. I liked the angles of the ribs and the beans sticking up, but I’m not sure if the photo got that too well. Oh well. Dinner is a part of my life, and if the purpose of each day’s photo is to show what I did that day, well then, that’s what I ate for dinner. Heh.


2 responses to “Day 18- September 8, 2009

  1. David Bowie eh?
    You could talk about the effects of persona’s on his career? The Fascist controversy with the Thin White Duke and the death of Ziggy Stardust.

    I’d read that 😛

  2. Heh everybody needs a good Fascist controversy. Bryan Ferry, Kyle Sandilands…

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