Day 19- September 9, 2009

Finally got a photo of that depression billboard I was talking about a few days ago. It’s just outside the Swanston St entrance of Melbourne Central and says “You’re not alone”. Or it does, except if you stand at the right angle and a chimney blocks some of the letters. In that case, it says “You’re no one”. Just the thing to tell depressives… Check it out.

In case you’re wondering what the hell my photo for today is, it’s political activism. Really. Student elections are on this week at the University, and there are a myriad of people standing around in brightly coloured tshirts handing out “how to vote” cards. Synergy will tell you not to vote for the Left Unionists because it’s a communist plot, the Left Unionists will tell you not to vote for Synergy because it’s a neo-con plot, and Independent Media will run around topless or in gorilla suits in order to grab your attention. Their campaign has something to do with gorillas, but I can’t remember what. All I can remember thinking is: “Isn’t he cold?”

And woo! It’s the ninth of the ninth of the ninth! That wouldn’t normally mean anything to me (I wasn’t the kind of person who expected the world to end on the 6th of June, 2006), except for the fact that the new Beatles remasters come out today! (That now makes three sentences with exclaimation points in a row. I’ll stop now…)  The whole set is $300, so naturally I’m not buying them, but instead getting copies off James (hee hee). Now all I need to do is befriend somebody with a PS3 so I can play Beatles Rock Band. Anybody?

On another note, we started the next unit in Psychology: quantitative methods. Ugh. The lecturer took us through a cringe-worthy slideshow of “If The Psychology Department Was Hollywood”. For some reason, he was Ripley from Alien (and behavioural statistics are akin to blasting action!), social psychologists are the Sex and the City girls and cognitive psychologists are Homer Simpson. Don’t ask. He also makes a strange Gollum-like noise after almost every sentence. It’s pretty distracting.


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