Day 20- September 10, 2009

James didn’t end up getting his Beatles set yesterday. He claims that the studio sent them out as late as possible to prevent potential leaks, but I like to believe the shipment was hijacked on the high seas by extremist Rolling Stones fans. I like the idea of Mick Jagger in a pirate hat…

My two-hour Psych tute lasted twice as long as normal today, clocking in at just over an hour, on account of “starting” quantitative methods. “Starting” is obviously a euphemism of “repeating from last semester”. Not to mention that the tutorial material was pretty much an exact repeat of the lecture material. Oh well, it meant I didn’t miss anything staring out the window for about an hour.

The view really is pretty good from that room, being on the tenth floor of the Psych building. You can see the whole university and the city, all lined up in a picturesque skyline. I’ll have to somehow get up onto the roof one day and take some photos…

After my Self and Other tute (in which we discussed Putin shirtless), I had lunch with Miko and we made fun of birds. We gave them all names and personalities, especially this little fellow here. I don’t think you can really tell by this photo (he was thrashing around quite a lot), but he was the scummiest, scruffiest, dirtiest looking bird I have ever seen.

This was all followed by another hour of Psych research experience (sigh, only one more hour to go). By hour, I mean 15 minutes, but an hour’s credit. To assist in some PhD research, I had to pretend I was a citizen of a fictitious nation and react emotionally to certain scenarios involving ethnic tension and marginalisation. Oh well, it seemed like an hour.

After three hours in a computer room taking notes on liberalism and a lecture in which the morning’s Psychology was pretty much entirely rehashed, I met up with Dad and went and got some burgers from Grill’d. If you haven’t been, it’s yum and you should go. They’re totally not paying me to say this (this sentence sounds sarcastic but isn’t). It’s apparently a “tradition” now between us, and one I’m not questioning, especially since he’s paying. Heh.

The tradition involves eating at Grill’d after I finish uni and then going to the Syezd Committee meetings (all explained earlier). The meetings are every second Thursday and I reckon that by the actual Conference in December, the both of us will be morbidly obese and known by name by the Grill’d staff. Heh. Today’s meeting was pretty good, because after going through some profit projections for the upcoming Masquerade Ball, we made some masks for the said event. Today’s photo is obviously some of our creations, the green one in the foreground being one I made, a somewhat minimalist Clockwork Orange-inspired design. That, and I was getting tired of glueing things. Minimalism = laziness. Heh. There’s more photos here.


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