Day 22- September 12, 2009

It was my namesday today. I tell people it’s like a second birthday, but it’s really the feast day of one’s patron saint. My saint happens to be a rather awesome warlord prince who defeated Teutons. On ice! There was a movie made, but I haven’t seen it yet. Anyway, it was like a birthday, so I got a present. A new lens for my camera, to be more specific. It’s a 55-200mm lens, so I can get nice closeups, take shots of people without them knowing and go on stakeouts (just need some coffee and donuts).

After going to church to celebrate Saint Alexander (did I mention he beat the Teutons? Heh…), we went out for lunch in Brunswick St. I haven’t been to Retro Cafe for ages, and forgot how cool it was. A lot of things are cool in Brunswick St… I’ll have to check more of them out. When I was looking up the phone number yesterday to make a reservation, there was a list of nearby places and they all seemed pretty good. More things to photograph?

Today’s photo is from lunch today. It was pretty hard to take photos of nearby things, what with the telephoto lens (I left the regular one at home). Across the table was about as close as it could shoot, so I got Lena’s lunch: lamb pizza. It looked pretty yum. There’s more photos on my Flickr page, including some of Retro and others I took in the front yard when Mum and I got locked out of the house and had to wait for Dad to get warm.

Did I mention it was unseasonably warm today? It was.


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