Day 23- September 13, 2009

Spent most of today working on my Politics essay. Gah. At least it’s done. And then it took me about as long again to do the referencing. How tiresome. I hope I do better than last time, because the last one was pretty disappointing.

But that’s boring. I’d say what I did that wasn’t boring, but that wouldn’t take very long. I got up, had a shower, listened to Diamond Dogs, listened to Dark Side of the Moon (again), worked on the essay, ate, drank wine, watched Big Bang Theory, played Chopin. I’m pretty sure I’m getting these all in the wrong order, but it doesn’t matter. I wanted to drink wine while playing Chopin, but Mum wouldn’t let me put the glass on the piano, despite my protestation that “that’s why the guy from Queen does”. Gah.

Today’s photo isn’t exactly from today. I’m sorry, but nothing interested happened for me to photograph. It’s not cheating though, because although I took it on Thursday, I was playing around with Picnik (Flickr’s in-house photo editing software). I don’t have Photoshop and my computer wouldn’t run it anyway (damn you!). It barely runs Picasa. Anyway, here’s a photo I’ve fiddled with. Enjoy?

EDIT: I thought this post was a bit short, so I decided to include a haiku I wrote today in honour of J. S. Mill, one of the founders of liberalism:

Oh, John Stuart Mill

Your concept of liberty:

It is quite narrow!

EDIT 2: Just to clarify, my Politics essay was on liberalism. I haven’t just developed a random man-crush on a centuries old philosopher. He did have some pretty bad-ass lamb chops though…


One response to “Day 23- September 13, 2009

  1. That is a *very* cool photo, I love the processing!

    PS. Would wine have been allowed at the piano in the presence of a coaster?

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