Day 24- September 14, 2009

Yes, that is a picture of my dog. Yes, there are about 10 more on my Flickr page (shameless whoring). But no, I am not a crazy animal person. It’s just that my family doesn’t let me photograph them (“Stop that!”, “Get away from me” and other objections not fit to be published on what is an otherwise mostly family-friendly blog), and I need to practise my portraiture. Can you call it portraiture if you’re photographing a dog? I’m sure there’s plenty of pet-obsessed people out there that would consider it the highest form of art, but I don’t really want to associate with them…

Basically, I hadn’t done anything photo-worthy today, so I decided to go out to the backyard and photograph stuff. I’ve got enough closeup shots of cherry blossoms (ft. bokeh!), so I tried to see if I could get some good shots of Tochka (Russian for “spot”… heh). She’s about six years old and is a Maltese X Shih Tzu. She’s normally somewhat afraid of camera, but seemed somewhat obliging. I think that under that bashful doggy exterior is a shameless, shameless poser. I also got this sweet shot of a helicopter, but I went with Tochka for photo of the day so I could whinge about having nobody to photograph… Any volunteers?

Aside from spending about an hour in the backyard with the camera, getting my first mosquito bites of this spring (whoo!), I spent most of today learning about female genitation mutilation and Freud’s opinions on “auto-erotic satisfaction”. Thank you, Arts degree. Oh, and Ikea meatballs for dinner. Classy.

I’m also looking for a job now, as I dislike not ever getting shifts and being paid below minimum wage. If I kept it up, I’d probably turn into a Marxist. So now I’m looking for work again. Anybody got anything?


5 responses to “Day 24- September 14, 2009


  2. Is that meant to be “lively”, or is this Engrish at work?

  3. My dog would eat yours alive…. just saying it’s 10 weeks old and already twice your dogs size…

  4. How kind of you, Jackie. My dog is the slimline model for the new generation… or something?

  5. A Pen shop on Queen street is looking for a Part-time job.

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