Day 25- September 15, 2009

Wooooooooo! I have the Beatles! I went over to James’ place today with my excuse for a laptop and copied all sixteen CDs in the new remastered Beatles box set (fourteen studio albums and two singles compilations). But then for some strange reason, most of the song titles came up in Japanese, so I had to spend a while fixing that. And then another while waiting for my computer to decide that, yes, it would in fact copy the songs to my ipod and not just freeze. Gah. (But it’s all good now, in case you’re wondering).

Due to a university strike, I get to sleep in tomorrow. However, this disrupts plans James and I made to Enjoy Our Lives. In case you’re not us (or anybody else I’ve already told), this is the story: every Wednesday, we pass a cafe on the way to our Politics lecture. There’s a sign outside the cafe that says “Come in and Enjoy Your Life“. It’s become a slightly mythical thing for us, and we always joke about it. So we planned to go eat there on Wednesday, being the last week before the break, but due to the strike, we went today. I just realised that was possibly the most boring story ever, but it’s more interesting if I tell it before midnight, when my brain hasn’t gone home for the day yet.

Anyway, so we went there after our Music lecture (got to listen to some Polish prog rock and Sid Vicious pulling faces at the Queen) and had a Big Breakfast. This is all terribly unexciting, but it’s the most interesting thing that happened today apart from the Beatles, and I don’t know what else I can say about that.

Oh, and Freud. I had to read Freud. It’s crap. Some article by Freud about sadistic/masochistic tendencies in children and subconscious this and subconscious that and everybody ends up with sexual deviancy and “auto-erotic stimulation” to “phantasies” of children being beaten. It’s all pretty screwey (especially when you consider the lack of scientific merit in his work), but it somehow ties into female genital mutilation and this week’s topic for Self and Other: The Criminalisation of Difference. I don’t understand, but I can’t write any more. I’m tired. Goodnight.


2 responses to “Day 25- September 15, 2009

  1. good to know that you’re enjoying life, despite the freud

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