Day 26- September 16, 2009

So, I spent a good deal of the day listening to the Beatles (see yesterday’s post). It’s a good thing. Another good thing was the milkshake I made this afternoon (pictured). It was pretty warm today, especially since I put the heater on in the morning and completely forgot about it during the day (that would explain a lot, wouldn’t it?). So I found myself craving some sort of interesting drink.

Which brings me to the Classy Choc Banana Smoothie. It’s a personal invention of mine as of this afternoon, the only potentially inventive portion being that it is served in a brandy glass and not a milkshake glass. Classy! (I had to resist the urge to embed a picture of Ron Burgandy here… heh). But it was mainly motivated by a need to photograph something vaguely interesting, since I stayed home from uni today due to the strike.

I also went to the shopping centre, or “the mall” as they say in America. There’s a place called “the Mall” nearby in a suburb called West Heidelberg, but it’s pronounced “mal” not “morl” and it’s where you go to buy drugs. There’s also a horrendously ugly and disturbing statue there, but that’s another story. Anyway, so it was ages since I’ve been to this particular shopping centre, and I was reminded why I don’t go there.

There’s just something incredibly depressing about places like that. I keep imagining scenes from Dawn of the Dead whenever I’m there, and I think that zombie mayhem would probably be an improvement on the soul destroying boringness that is a shopping centre. I went to get the photos printed for our court case (fence dispute with a somewhat unpleasant neighbour– the photos were to show that the fence is in desperate need of repair, but that’s another story), but had to wait 20 minutes for the prints.

So I walked around, trying to dodge the plethora of nonagenarians zipping around in wheelchairs and hordes of high school kids. The lift moves at about three millimeters per minute, which is horribly annoying, but I guess it’s good if you have vertigo. Or are trying to balance something on your head. I went and got a fruit juice, and the girl couldn’t figure out how much change to give me ($21 – $ 6 = $15?). I then went back to the Harvey Norman for the prints, maneouvering my way around somewhat plump employees on my way to the photo section (I wonder if obesity was a job requirement…).

Anyway, so that was my day. Oh, and I got my TAFE certificate in the mail. I am now a proud graduate of the TAFE Institute of Dubbo. Rock on.


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