Day 27- September 17, 2009

Well, although I missed out on the Climate Change concert last night ft. Cat Empire, the environmentalists were still out in tow today, what with their giant globes and all (pictured). I managed to get a shot of this fellow kicking the world around, and I’m sure there’s some sort of terrible pun in this situation, but I can’t quite find it, so I’ll give up now.

It was alright though, because these climate people were giving away pancakes to entice people to fill in their online petitions. I voted not to increase carbon targets (heh), but still got two pancakes which I lathered with Nutella. Yum!

I was disappointed that ONCE AGAIN Boost Juice did not deign to choose Alexander as their Name for the Day to receive a free juice. (In fact, I was so disappointed that I lost my ability to write sentences that made sense). But it was ok, because I saw this dude rocking out on his recorder outside Melbourne Central. I managed to snap a photo while running for the tram, but now I feel a bit guilty that I didn’t drop him any change. Mark my words: if I see you again, Recorder Man, I will give you 20, maybe 50 cents!

Apart from that, nothing really noteworthy happened. Maxim’s back from Cadet Camp with all his stories of parades and navs and whatnot. I also played around with some photos, as I’m thinking of getting some photos printed onto tshirts (and then sell them on Etsy! or maybe not…). Being the kind of person who takes a lot of photos of trees (I like the silhouetting!), I took a photo of a tree with some birds in it this morning and sort of stenciled it. Or maybe this picture of part of Melbourne’s skyline, taken from Rooftop Bar?


4 responses to “Day 27- September 17, 2009

  1. Nom nom nom

  2. I LOVE the Cat Empire and they are great live- pity you missed them. They are one of my favourite bands!!! xxxx My brother (yes-you know him) knows the trombone player…

  3. Yeah, I saw them at the Music Bowl in February last year, and they were really good. I’ve been seeing Harry and Ollie’s side projects (Jackson Jackson and The Conglomerate) around the place quite a bit.

  4. Your shirts, I have a feeling, would be considered really indy πŸ˜›
    I’ve many friends who’d leap at the opportunity to gain one πŸ˜›

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