Day 28- September 18, 2009

I was supposed to meet some people for lunch today, but apparently it got cancelled and I wasn’t notified. Not happy. I mean, it would have been ok, but I specially got on the tram to go meet them, and let me tell you, THAT WAS THE WORST SMELLING TRAM IN THE HISTORY OF, um, TRAMS! Firstly, there was this woman that sat next to me that had possibly the worst stench in the world. And the worst part was that I couldn’t even figure out what it was. It wasn’t quite tobacco, it wasn’t quite vomit and it wasn’t quite body odour. It was just awfulness, next to me, on a tram. And then when she left, there was another smelly person!! (The stench deserved two exclaimation points). I was pretty happy to get off that tram…

So I’m waiting around, and eventually I txt James: “Where are you?”. Apparently it was cancelled and he sent a message, but it didn’t come through. Ugh. I still had a couple of hours until my tute, so I got some food and sat down on the steps at the State Library. Readers will remember that the environementalists have been promoting some sort of “youth vote” this week (cf. those pancakes I ate), and today they had set up some speakers in front of the library and were giving talks and playing music and whatnot. No more pancakes, though…

So I sat there reading about soul and funk and listening to speeches about global warming and this band they had playing. I can’t remember their name, but was amused at their half-heartedness towards global warming. “Um, come and vote, because climate change is real, and it’s upon us, and all that jazz…”. Today’s photo is from there, not of the band or speakers or anything, but of Joan of Arc and some birds. The other photos are on my Flickr page— I just liked this one. I also took some photos of graffiti along the Hurstbridge line. They’re pretty crappy shots, because they’re taken from a moving train with glary and grimy windows. I’ll take better shots one day…

My music tute was good- listened to Helter Skelter by the Beatles and the cover by Siouxsie and the Banshees (I think I like the Beatles better). We finished off the last tute before the break by playing a Spicks and Specks-type game of identifying songs. I would have got Ziggy Stardust, but I got confused by the fact it was the live version. Gah! (*hangs head in shame*)

Went out in the evening with Andrew to see The Soloist, starring Jamie Foxx as a talented, albeit homeless and schizophrenic cellist, and Robert Downey Jr. as a reporter looking for a story that meets him and tries to help him. Although the movie dragged quite a bit, I thought the characters were pretty well played and it raised some interesting thoughts. I thought that the synaesthesia scene was pretty creative and the whole “voices in the head” was quite scary. But this is not a film blog, and I really should go to bed, so… (Abrupt ending!)


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