Day 29- September 19, 2009

When I bought my camera, they gave me a free photo course from the shop’s in-house “media school”, so I went to that today. Unfortunately, it was a bit too basic, and so I spent three hours learning about a whole bunch of stuff I already knew. Fortunately, the lecturer said that our purchase of a camera from their store four years ago meant that I could have another free class. Unfortunately, that means trawling around for that camera’s receipt. Fortunately, they should be able to find their copy if I can’t find mine. (This feels like that scene from The Simpsons with that creepy occult guy and frogurt: watch, watch!)

After breakfast at the Vic Market (passable, but disappointing: 3 stars), I went into the city with some time to spare, so most of today’s photos are from me walking around Elizabeth Street, the old General Post Office (which has been converted into a funky collection of shops), Royal Arcade, and the such. Today’s photo is of the outside corridors of the Post Office, where there are several cafes. I did some more editing today– this is a building on Elizabeth Street that I thought looked interesting. I look forward to taking some more photos of the city and its secrets at some point, and to getting some proper editing software (not to mention learning how to use it!).

I also made a cake today! (Thanks to Dawn for the recipe). You’ll get to see it tomorrow, as I’ve made it for the fundraiser for the Syezd (see here and here for more information– as well as the Syezd blog!!) In particular, check out the Masquerade Ball (facebook event page here), which is to be held on Friday, the 9th of October and only costs $30 (contact me for booking). And if you can’t make that, please support us by buying raffle tickets (again, contact me). Whoo, shamless plug!!


One response to “Day 29- September 19, 2009

  1. Yay I worked at the GPO today. It was OK apart from fat (wanky boutique aussie designs) playing the complete Strokes collection for the duration of my shift, at FULL VOLUME.

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