Day 30- September 20, 2009

Another fundraiser for the Syezd today (see yesterday’s post). The cake I made was… interesting. When making the icing, I didn’t bother reading the instructions properly and just mixed all the ingredients together, which included caster sugar. As such, the icing was very gritty. But that’s a good thing, no? (No photos of the cake, strangely)

Sasha made her famous Боб (Bob– it’s a soup) and it was declared Бобалишис (Bobalicious) by all that tasted it. We also made a lot of piroshkii (Russian pie-type things), although it was Kolya that got up at 3am to start making the dough (that’s him kneading it in today’s picture). So we ended up selling soup, piroshkii and various deserts to a mad rush of Russians (there is no other variety of Russian rushes, nor is it possible for Russians to not be a rush) and made $1000 profit towards the Syezd! There’s also a photo of me holding the money on Mum’s blog (woooo!).

That’s all that’s happened today, so far, but I thought I’d do my post earlier since I’m going to Josiah’s 18th tonight (HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOSIAH!) and there’s no way I’ll have the patience/wakefulness to copy and upload and write when I get home. It will be quite awesome, being a house party populated largely by people involved in theatre, and is featuring a band and a stand-up comic. So photos from that will be up tomorrow!


One response to “Day 30- September 20, 2009

  1. YAY! Thanks Sasha!

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