Day 31- September 21, 2009

Ok, so Josiah’s party was last night. But it went past midnight, so this totally counts for photo of the day! It’s (part) of James Crow, the guitarist for Where’s Grover, who played at Josiah’s party. They also consist of Andrew Hazi on bass and Nathanael Cardwell on drums. It was pretty cool to have a band play at the party, especially when they played Herbie Hancock’s Chameleon, joined by James Coley (trumpet), Ruby Lulham (sax) and Andrew Langmead (guitar). There was also a pretty sweet blues jam, featuring me on piano (but there’s no photo of that, sorry).

It was a pretty sweet party, featuring some Kanye West-esque glasses and plenty of dancing and pulling of faces (oh dear Lord). Heh. We all had an awesome time and are awaiting Josiah’s next shindig (no pressure). The rest of the photos I put on Flickr are up here. Not all of the ones I took made it online (there’s some that are too blurry/dark/unflattering), and not all of the ones I put on Facebook are on Flickr. But if anybody wants better quality copies of any of the images, I’m happy to email them to you.

Apart from that, I went to the gym without my camera (on account of already having a photo for the day) and missed out on the opportunity to photograph these dudes dancing around with samurai swords to Oriental music. It was pretty sweet. Heh.

OH. AND MAXIM GOT INTO VCASS! In case you didn’t know, VCASS is the secondary school of the Victorian College of the Arts, a highly selective performing arts college. It’s pretty exciting, because he gets to start year 10 there next year and be in an environment which is a lot more music-oriented with a whole bunch of other music virtuosoes. Whoo!


2 responses to “Day 31- September 21, 2009

  1. Wow! Congratulations to Maxim! That is fantastic!!!
    I’m so envious!
    James Coley is at VCASS. They’ll have to somehow meet each other…

  2. i was just about to say that josiah!
    yeah he will enjoy VCASS. its amazing!

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