Day 32- September 22, 2009

Whooo! The blog is one month old today! Thank you to everybody who reads and comments. It’s very encouraging. Special thanks to anybody who links/reposts/promotes the blog, even if it is just yelling “READ THE BLOG!” over and over again. And finally, anti-kudos to anybody who accuses me of blog whoring. I’m looking at you, Mother.

Anyway, it was quite a boring day. I spent most of it doing my essay. Some wank about hegemonic masculinities and power relations between gendered subjects. Gah. So did not sign up for anything involving feminism… BUT IT’S OVER NOW! I finished that essay, and am now quite free, my only piece of assessment for the remainder of the semester being my music essay. If anybody has suggestions for topics (has to relate to 20th century popular music), please let me know. Topics involving David Bowie or the Beatles especially considered.

Today’s photo is from JB. Sorry, boring, but that’s pretty much all that happened today. I would have taken a photo of the woman pulled over for drink driving before lunchtime, but my hands were greasy from Maccas. I’m sure you understand. So I went to JB today to get a CD player as a birthday present for my aunt. And that’s where the photo is from. No exciting story, I’m sorry.

And now I must go to help Dad with our case for the court case against our neighbour. All free legal advice and vigilantism gratefully accepted.


One response to “Day 32- September 22, 2009

  1. Who tweets your daily post on her vast PLN?

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