Day 34- September 24, 2009

Well, today’s airport drama was slightly less epic than last time. A flight delayed one hour is SLIGHTLY better than one delayed about seven (lol Sarah), even if it meant standing in a check-in queue that literally went about five hundred metres (through the domestic check-in section, out and through the food court, through all the lines in the international departures and back into domestic… sigh).

One Boost juice, several noisy children and a few bumps to the head later (they make plane ceilings too low for people like me), I arrived in Sydney. I took some shots in-flight (mainly too fuzzy/washed-out, except for some sweet ones I took landing in Sydney), but I’ll upload them later since Sarah’s internet is being somewhat of a bitch, and it’s all I can do to upload one photo. Today’s photo is us on the train, obviously. It was that or me drinking fruit juice. It was pink. And I drank it through a straw. But I’m entirely heterosexual, I swear!

The rest of the day was spent at the beach and helping a friend with a massive television that could barely fit in the van (how is he going to fit it into his house?). The latter activity entailed travelling to the Kmart dock, attended by a surly fellow whom I nicknamed Patches McGee (on account of some strange patch he had on his face). He seemed very reluctant to deal with customers (otherwise known as emerging from his lair), and this was signalled by the fact that the “service bell” was hidden behind approximately fifteen tonnes of crap. More like a DISSERVICE bell, if you ask me. Heh.

So we’re watching Lord of the Rings now. The extended one. I’d keep writing, but this is all pretty hardcore. So yeah. Mwah.


2 responses to “Day 34- September 24, 2009

  1. I’m impressed. I really didn’t expect you to post today.

  2. I am a blogger, and a blogger always keeps his word.

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