Day 35- September 25, 2009

Today was spent in Sydney, which is to say Sydney Sydney, as opposed to “up on the Central Coast” Sydney (which isn’t really Sydney at all, but… never mind).

After being thoroughly confused on the train (“NOBODY NEEDS TWENTY THREE PLATFORMS!”), we went to the Powerhouse Museum, which was pretty much my childhood (and Sarah’s, as she is eager to add… this whole collaborative writing thing isn’t working out for me; perhaps I’m not suited to Web 2.0). After oohing and ahhing at expensive chairs and ugly dresses, we spent about half an hour being lectured on the intricate working of a rather large clock, which, among things, told you the time in six major cities, the “moon age” (struggling to avoid making Bowie reference here), and depicted several French kings and Satan (for some reason).

We then went down to the childrens’ section, which was fully amazing for me, because it pretty much hadn’t changed since 1996 (my sixth birthday was teh shizz). Today’s photo is of me attempting to look nonchalant and non-stuck (cf. Pooh Gets Stuck) in a “Designated Childrens’ Zone”. It was awesome. There were Teddy Bears having picnics, a Homer Simpsonesque walk-on piano and a pedal-powered fire engine, off which I almost fell. (And I also “rode” a Penny Farthing… Woo!)

Lunch was pancakes, which is to say, super-chocolatefied pancakes with cream and chocolate icecream (not to mention strawberries with chocolate sauce). So, basically, all the major food groups. Being a total embarrassment to myself, I managed to pull off the Major Tourist look with some ease, taking several thousand photos of Circular Quay (while smiling at other photographers who had Nikons and scowling at the Canon and Sony folk). And then a walk through the CBD, during which I took another fifteen million (actually probably about fifty, but that sounds nowhere near as impressive) photos, mainly of buildings “which looked cool”.

After a brief stroll through the Botannical Gardens (which ended at closing time when a man in a little vehicle with a flashing light evicted us), we met up with some friends for dinner, which involved the telling of several crazy stories (did I mention these friends were half-Russian?) and the freaking out of our poor waiter (who managed to come into choice conversations such as: “so I put in heaps of mayonnaise to kill the old people”).

Then, while sitting by the Quay, we were approached by a group of scavenger hunters, who needed an “awkward third-wheeler shot”. We happily obliged, but forgot to ask them to email it to us (O! What A Loss For The Blog!). Then we got coffee and tea and went home. The end. (I can so not form sentences and/or spell at 2am, especially when Sarah’s keyboard is set to UK for some reason and is confusing)


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