Day 36- September 26, 2009

Hooray! Grand Final day! I mean, it doesn’t mean anything to me, but since Sarah’s family is “quite” into football (“quite” being a German word meaning excessively), I spent most of the day either avoiding the game (argh! accidentally saw the kickoff! watched sports…) or blowing up red balloons (there were red and blue and white balloons for both St Kilda and Geelong– how egalitarian!!– but I refused to blow up any balloons that could be used to show support for Geelong).

As previously mentioned, most of the day was spent avoiding the Grand Final, so we went to the beach in the afternoon (today’s photo! who would have thought?!). The water is still too cold for my delicate tastes, so we just climbed on and sat on rocks; watching “the resident bogans” (Sarah’s words, not mine) chase their children and their dogs, taking several thousand boring photos of sand in the process (postmodernist much?). I’ve just realised that I’m starting to use a lot more parentheses than I used to, but I won’t apologise and will instead call it “stream of consciousness” even though it’s clearly not.

After that, we came home and made quite a bit of food. And mess. That is still to be cleaned up. Argh! (But blogging comes first). Actually, that’s a lie. We cleaned up the mess, but I thought it would be more dramatic that way. I’m sorry. So. Food. In addition to making meatballs for dinner (which somewhat failed, but then were resurrected in the form of food), we made lots and lots of small cupcakes. Cupcakes of apple and chocolate, which is to say, two types of cupcakes. Unfortunately, a lot of the chocolate ones fell apart, the key ingredient being Nutella. And by unfortunately, I mean that we ate a lot of chocolate cupcakes. Whoo!


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