Day 37- September 27, 2009

Today started like any good day. With chocolate. For breakfast. Which is to say that the chocolate cupcakes that I made last night weren’t overly inclined to leave the comfort of their cupcake tins, and so upon breaking them into several sub-cupcakular pieces, I was forced to salvage them. And this was called breakfast.

We then drove down to Sydney for church, which was good fun considering the soundtrack on the way, which included REM, Maroon 5 (sung in a high voice) and Black Eyed Peas (sung in a low voice with a Rasta accent). Sarah somehow resisted the urge to run over the plethora of cyclists present on the roads due to some sort of cycling event or another (woo!).

After lunch, which consisted of a most classy combination of Boost Juice and chicken nuggets, we drove up the mountains to Sarah’s uncle and aunt’s place (where I am writing this AS WE SPEAK!!). The rest of the day consisted of traipzing around national parks (PHOTO!) with terrible German accents, lazing in front of the fireplace with beer and cheese; and discussing a wide variety of music (all of which made us feel terribly cultured and negated the fact that we stuffed our respective faces with reconstituted fried chicken for lunch).


2 responses to “Day 37- September 27, 2009

  1. Tsk tsk, strogiy post!

  2. Speaking of church, thanks a bunch for totally barring me! Lol!

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