Day 38- September 28, 2009

Today’s photo is of a deceptively unfriendly dog I dubbed Sargeant Paws. On returning from our trip to Bathurst to visit her relatives, Sarah and I were looking for a place to stop for coffee and came across a town in which everything appeared to be shut (at only 5pm!!). We passed the local police stationa and saw him in the yard. He looked quite friendly, but snarled and pounced when we came near. Obviously, the locals don’t look kindly on “out of towners”. It did kinda look like Twin Peaks… *bass line*

The rest of the day was spent eating Smarties and listening to Bowie; both of which are most admirable pursuits. Sorry for the short post (to whoever is reading this?), but we’re all watching The Two Towers and laughing hysterically.


2 responses to “Day 38- September 28, 2009

  1. I WAS TOTALLY IN BATHURST THE DAY AFTER YOU! LITERALLY! I’ve just spent a week in Orange. If you’re still able to, go to Milthorpe and check out the Cemetary and placement of churches. It was very intersting.

  2. Also, I got really annoyed at Bathurst’s constant claim of “Oooh! We’re the home of Ben Chifley.”

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