Day 39- September 29, 2009

Watching another installment of Lord of the Rings. Finally onto the third and last film. Woo! (That’s the extended edition). Just saw Saruman meet a somewhat pointy (heh) end and are all now deliberating whether Saruman’s boots would look nice on us.

Also, I finally saw Inglourious Basterds today, which is the new Tarantino film in case you’ve been living under a rock or particularly shady tree. I thought it was pretty good, in typcal Tarantino style with a great soundtrack. I’m pretty glad I finally saw it, as I’ve been blocking my ears and yelling loudly whenever people had been talking about it (reminiscent of Roy from IT Crowd). I’d recommend it to anybody who likes a good film, a good laugh and doesn’t mind a bit of scalping and other forms of nasty (albeit sometimes hilarious!) violence. (SPOILER ALERT: Hitler gets owned).

Apart from that, we spent the day shopping for lunch for friends that never arrived (damnation!), eating somewhat rich mousse cake and having a lot of fun singing at the piano. Family friends of Sarah’s came over at some point with their collaborative project for the children:  a map of the local area featuring 3d “landmarks”, such as the trees and ocean in today’s picture. Anyway, I should go. There’s some drama on the screen involving Gollum. That dude needs dental care…


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