Day 41- October 1, 2009

Since today was really good weather (well, over here at least), Sarah and I headed to the beach (having said goodbye to Scrabble Nanna). It’s been a while since I went to the beach to actually get in the water, and it’s always a bit scary. Even on a warm day, the water is still cold!

After swimming in a sort of natural swimming pool created by the rocks at the beach (complete with underwater sea grass, little fish swimming all around us and ridiculous crabs), we stopped off for a fish and chip lunch and some icecream (which explains why Sarah is holding icecream in today’s photo… obvious much?).

When we got home, we somehow got around to making up ridiculous songs about each other, with me on piano. Although my ballad started out about Sarah, it somehow ended up being mainly about her sister Anna and what sorts of hot boys she might meet in her bookshop. We then introduced her to Black Books (so that she would get our references)– and this kind of makes me think of a line from a Belle and Sebastian song. Points for guessing which one.

At time of writing, we are all tired from multiple episodes of Black Books and laughing hysterically about I-can’t-remember-what (entire sentences of nonsense speech were somehow involved as were ridiculous infomercials). I can’t think of how to end this post, and Sarah’s suggestions were all ridiculous, so, um, bye?


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