Day 42- October 2, 2009

Today’s photo is of me posing with a tree. Outrageously, Sarah adds. I have no idea why I was posing with the tree (which actually looks kinda like a rock in this photo), but it’s pretty gangsta, and yeahhhh. I think this was a way of saving face after I attempted to climb the tree and failed. Anyway, it’s amusing. Or embarrassing. Or both.

We went up to Mt Ettalong for a walk today, parking the car by some bizarre massive tank-like structure (function incredibly unknown). There were lizards and beach views (which I didn’t use as today’s photo on account of already having photos of the beach) and various “older” persons walking the path. One lady was clad entirely in pink. Sarah is complaining of pain in her retinas.

Lunch included a combination of chips and wedges, being somewhat similar to yesterday’s lunch. After a brief shop, we came home to find that dinner, too, was chips. Argh. Will not be eating potato for a while. We spent the evening listening to music in the backyard shed with a six pack of Stella, smoked cheese and a packet of Tim Tams. To quote myself in today’s photo: Yeahhh


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