Day 44- October 4, 2009

Today was markedly less eventful than yesterday, with a conspicuous lack of airports, large mugs of beer, modern art and Spanish guitar. Instead, I spent a great deal of time negotiating with various computers the uploading of the remainder of my holiday photos. And by negotiating I mean a great deal of yelling, swapping USB drives, pulling of hair and holding my breath only to get “upload failed” after ages of waiting.

Finally, everything worked. I put various photos up on my Facebook and on Flickr. Out of the 850 or so shots I took during the week and a half, I’ve put about 250 up. So take a look through; sorry I didn’t get them up earlier. I’ve also gone through my earlier posts and linked to photos I took then but only uploaded now. There’s some interesting ones there…

James came over in the evening and we watched a nature documentary on Yellowstone (marveling at the majestic moose!) and some British murder mystery show. We also ate brownies. Awesome.

Today’s photo is Dad being an Ikea handyman and trying to get all the pieces to fit together. Can’t remember what exactly he was putting together. Kinda looks like a shelf. I wasn’t paying attention on account of attempting to upload several hundred photos. He looks pretty intense though. Heh.


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