Day 45- October 5, 2009

I decided going in for one hour of lecture wasn’t worth it, so I ended up turning off the alarm and sleeping in. Whoo! This also explains why today’s photo is of my lunch– grilled cheese and hot panchetta. I suppose if each photo is supposed to show what happened that day, today’s photo shows me being happily back in my kitchen. It’s great to be on holiday, but there’s something to be said for being in your own kitchen and knowing where everything is (even if you are just making toast).

It was a pretty uneventful day, being home by myself with nothing terribly productive to do for most of the day. I got an email offering me a gig as the pianist for my high school’s production of Jesus Christ Superstar next year. I’m looking forward to that, having played for their production of Cabaret earlier this year and having a great time. And a bit of extra income never hurts…

Officially quit my “job” today. By job I mean the deli/butcher thing I had going for under minimum wage a few weeks ago. I haven’t been getting any shifts, and haven’t heard from them ever since I made up my mind to leave about a fortnight ago, so today I called up the manager. Unfortunately, I got her voicemail, so my “officially quitting” isn’t really that official. Oh well. I think I’ll look into getting some students for piano tutoring again. Anybody want to learn piano?


3 responses to “Day 45- October 5, 2009

  1. I would like to learn how to better play the piano. But I’ve no time right now…
    And I still have a sense of loyalty to my old teacher… is that bad?

  2. That picture reminds me of making you cheese toast for breakfast.

  3. Well, I’ll just have to make you some breakfast next time you’re over. Mmm pancetta

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