Day 46- October 6, 2009

Today was my first day back at uni after the break, having skipped yesterday. It’s funny being back– I was walking around and suddenly realised that I hadn’t been there for over two weeks, which was disconcerting as I must have had a dream situated at the uni at some point. I get that sometimes, unable to separate memory and dream. It feels a bit weird and it means I stand in one spot looking out at nothing and blinking a lot. I must look unstable.

At least Psychology is getting better. We’re onto Personality Psychology now and the lecturer is quite a bit more interesting than some of the previous ones (but nowhere near as good as one we had last semester). Music is as good as always, moving onto Soul and Funk, which was pretty amusing to listen to. I’m really enjoying it because it’s introducing me to new music and helping me understand how everything fits together (like today’s flowchart of African-American music showing the evolution and progression of all the black music genres).

Today’s photo is from Clifton Hill station, having been stranded there for about half an hour this afternoon. There was, apparently, some incident at Croxton Park and the Epping trains were cancelled so my train… I don’t know. All I know is that I was at the station for quite some time and took it upon myself to take some photos, not wanting for today’s photo to be of my lunch (like yesterday). There are a few more on my Flickr page, but today’s one is just of the train’s power lines, a part of the station platform and the chimneys of some nearby houses. Nothing terribly interesting, but I liked the way it all lined up.

Looking through the university’s careers page, I noticed that Yamaha Music were advertising for teachers. Having started off with Yamaha and recently decided to start looking into piano teaching again, I thought this was a pretty good idea and sent off my resume. It’s funny writing resumes, and having to organise your life and experiences into relevant categories and achievements. It’s all much more impressive when you list it out (sort of like how a stash of Monopoly money looks more impressive when its in a massive pile– bizarre comparison much??). In fact, I was quite impressed with myself! (I think it may have something to do with my ability to talk myself up and epicly bullshit… heh).


2 responses to “Day 46- October 6, 2009

  1. Yamaha teaching sounds good. But Yamaha? Roland man! (I am somewhat bias – being the owner of Roland and all :P)

  2. Does Roland even have a method? I think the Yamaha method is pretty good, especially for starting off. I think my piano is a Gors & Kellman or something like that…

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