Day 47- October 7, 2009

Argh. Back to my two-hour politics lectures. Managed not to fall asleep during today’s Socialism lecture, so I’ll chalk that up as a win. Also got my essay back and was pleased with the mark, which is good considering the amount of time I spent on it (grumble grumble). Self and Other lecture was borderline incomprehensible- they seem to be very eclectic with a token effort to connect each lecture’s material with the focus of the course. And it’s always interesting when you’ve zoned out and a choice phrase such as “anal penetration” grabs your attention. Heh…

Waiting for the train was a bit more interesting than normal today. I was standing at Melbourne Central, reading about feminist Marxists or something like that; and happened to notice this woman pacing up and down the platform in a zig-zaggy circular route, sometimes pausing to chew on her collar. As with most slightly unusual people, I decided to subtly observe her by hiding behind my politics reader. She kept going back and forth, back and forth (apart from the one time she picked up the receiver of a public telephone and banged it against the wall).

I was distracted by a little Indian railway employee who for some reason had to block access to an escalator while he made it go faster and slower, while yelling agitatedly at people who were trying to get on. Then, I heard this strange high-pitched scream and saw the pacing woman waving her arms around and then running up another escalator. How bizarre. This is why I love public transport.

Of course, I hadn’t brought my camera. Murphy’s Law of photoblogs: you never have your camera with you when interesting things happen. And I didn’t have any sort of interesting photo for ages (o, the angst!). Luckily, I got to take a photo of my brother with a notepad while I was helping him write a sonnet for English class (hooray! the blog lives another day!). It was possibly the best love poem of all time:

My mouth agape, I stood without a sound

She stood before me and she said “hello”

I felt as if I had been spun around

Heart in my mouth and nowhere left to go

Her emerald eyes shine brilliant in the sun

That smile which makes me weaken at the knees

But when I try to speak it’s like a gun

A sudden burst of noise, and then I freeze

A crimson river spreading ‘cross my face

And though she smiles I have to look away

But now I feel her sudden warm embrace

In these arms I’d like to stay all day

She whispers something quiet in my ear

I’m in love; there’s nothing left to fear


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