Day 50- October 10, 2009

So. The long awaited Masquerade Ball. It was called that despite not being a ball (more of a party, perhaps?) and despite the fact that most people didn’t keep their masks on all night (it was too hard to eat and drink and see). It was also called a Cocktail Party at some point, despite the fact that there were no cocktails. We did have quite a lot of vodka, though…

I was at the bar most of the night (selling, not buying), but still managed to duck out occasionally to take several hundred photos or to dance the Nutbush. It was pretty good fun, what with people dancing (thats just one photo of many– check the rest out here) and our resident DJ not only playing music, but also pulling off some sweet Russian moves. There were several colourful characters and we even had fun cleaning up. Today’s photo was chosen because the vodka shots put today’s post clearly in its Russian context.

Aside from that (which was really last night, but continued past midnight and thus qualified as material for today), today was spent sleeping, uploading and doing things to photos and barbequeing. Mmm… looking forward to more of that and “outdoor entertaining” as the weather gets warmer (considering our recent acquisition of an outdoor furniture set). Just have to figure out a way to get rid of the millions of mosquitoes that seem to live in our backyard…


2 responses to “Day 50- October 10, 2009

  1. Anti-Mozzie coil thingies’ll do it. Or sandalwood sticks – which smell great and look classy!

    I speak of the mozzies.

  2. Of course you speak of the mozzies. This is an important distinction to make because traditionally anti-mozzie coils were used to keep the Gypsies at bay. But that’s no longer fashionable.

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