Day 51- October 11, 2009

Went to church for the first time in a few weeks today. I really think that one day (when all who might be offended have, ahem, passed out), I (or anybody really) should write a comedy or a sitcom about the various people that congregate there. Churches always tend to attract a colourful crowd, and when you factor Russianness into the mix, you have material worthy of Larry David.

Specifically, I talk of the church choir, which is amusing firstly for the interesting noises it can produce. We’ve gotten a lot better under our new conductor, and I quite like the new material he’s introduced, but there are moments where it’s just all so out of tune that we have to stop and start again. Heh. And then you have the various characters that populate it. But that’s another story…

Afterwards, we went to my aunt and uncle’s place for lunch. I didn’t really take any photos of what was the defining activity of the day (combination of Sunday lunch being not a terribly fascinating subject for photography and the poor lighting there), so today’s photo is one take in the back yard, waiting for lunch to be ready. My excuse is that the suburban background with the clothesline is a cultural symbol. Or whatever…

Aside from that, I have nothing. Conversation at the table ranged from my aunt’s plan to take the bridemaids’ dresses from my cousin’s upcoming wedding to the chocolate shop to match them to the chocolate foil to a discussion of what is wrong with our education system to another cousin’s assertion that “the 60s aren’t back”. He is so very wrong.


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