Day 52- October 12, 2009

Well, today’s photo is the product of coming to about 10pm and realising that I had not taken a single photo. So, firstly: photo justification! If we’re going to go into the wanky style of commentary that you tend to find in those little white informational plaques at art galleries, then this is an innovative portrayal of the uninhabited suburban home, evoking childhood fears of the dark and abandonment (medium: photograph).

If we’re not, then it’s a photo that I took of being in the quiet and empty house as my family was at an information evening for Maxim’s new school (VCASS). It all sounds pretty interesting, and even though it’s a selective specialist school with a relatively small number of students (alliteration win!), they have an impressive choice of subjects. Makes me wish that I had gone there, as Maxim won’t just be studying English (for example), but has a choice of several options and will be studying lyric writing and Russian literature. He also shares academic classes with dancers, artists and circus kids (now THAT would be good for the blog!).

Today’s sole lecture (The Bullshittiest Lecture) concerned with race, and its relation to identity and whatnot. James and I joked before the lecture about psychoanalysis and dream interpretation and labelling things as “phallic symbols”. Sure enough (although to our amused surprise!), our lecturer started talking about whiteness being a phallus and explaining Freud’s concept of “penis envy” and coming out with choice phrases like “WHAT’S WRONG WITH MY PENIS?!”.

The rest of the day passed without much event. I went to the gym and listened to Bowie the whole time (what’s new?). I had grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch while watching Arrested Development. I tutored. And then at 10pm, having failed to capture the essence of today in a single photograph, I took a picture of my dining room.


2 responses to “Day 52- October 12, 2009

  1. Totally leant you that copy of Arrested Development!

  2. You told me to read your blog. So here I am. *grins*
    I have to admit, I was vastly amused at the ‘penis envy’ section of that lecture too. Tehehe.
    VCASS is (apparently) absolutely awesome- Music, classes, variety of subjects- my friends who went there adored it. So good for your brother!

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