Day 53- October 13, 2009

In case you’re wondering about today’s photo, I am not a horribly self-absorbed person. Well, I am a horribly self-absorbed person, but that’s not why I have a photo of myself for today’s post. If the readers will look to the photo, they will notice that I have a new haircut. And not just any haircut, but one that only cost me ten dollars. Ten dollars, you say! How does one possibly get a haircut for such a nominal sum in these times of economic hardship?

Well, the answer is to go to a hairdressing academy and get a cut from the inexperienced students. It’s a bit of a gamble, but it’s also a fascinating experience. For starters, I’ve never before had to sign an indemnity waiver before getting my hair cut, let alone one that specifically mentioned “personal injury”. I was a bit worried that I’d get jabbed in the eye with scissors, but the only person injured was the hairdresser, who managed to cut herself. In the end, it all turned out alright. Didn’t it?

Before that, I had my music lecture (this week’s topic: hip hop) followed by a screening of A Hard Day’s Night, a Beatles movie. The lecture was interesting, as we got to hear some example of early hip hop (i.e. Grandmaster Flash) and how it emerged as a genre. The movie was also quite hilarious, featuring some bizarre British (or perhaps more specifically, Liverpudlian) humour, Ringo Starr looking pathetic and lots of music (even if the dubbing was terrible).

I’m currently starting to prepare for my application to become a music teacher with Yamaha, as I need to prepare two pieces for the audition. I also need to start on my music essay. Thinking of doing it on Bowie but I need to think of a topic and get it approved. Ideas, anyone? It will probably be about a development of style or persona, or focusing on a specific album.

But now I will stop, because I am watching an Italian film called Cinema Paradiso. Italian humour isn’t quite as batty as the British kind, but it’s still quirky.


One response to “Day 53- October 13, 2009

  1. Firstly – I love Cinema Paradiso

    Secondly – For Bowie
    You could talk about the establishment of the Ziggy Stardust character and the glam rock persona in contrast to his earlier stuff (man-dresses and what have you).

    OR! I suggest talking about the development of the Character of the Thin White Duke – The drug-taking and the music and themes of Station to Station in comparison to the shedding of the Glam Rock persona he had previously to essentially nothing on Young Americans.

    Just a thought.
    I love Station to Station.

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