Day 54- October 14, 2009

After my Politics lecture on feminism (in which I learned that childbirth is like “shitting a pumpkin” and that all men keep all women in a state of fear through threat of rape), I had coffee/lunch at the Ian Potter cafe with James, Laura and Aretha. I hadn’t been there since a high school excursion, and forgot how much good food they had. The only problem is having to pick something. Also, they have great coffee, which is definitely a benefit.

After coming back from the gym, I noticed a “Chinese Culture Festival” at North Court, which featured performers, some in colourful costume. Being a bothersome photoholic, I also managed to get in some moody shots of the Old Quad on the way to my next tute. Unfortunately (no offense), I also bumped into Laura (another one), who played with my camera for a full five minutes before allowing me on my way.

Following what was the most interesting politics tute discussion this semester (“Babies aren’t spiky!”) and a pretty good psychology lecture, I met up again with James as he had scored some free tickets to the new Woody Allen film. Of course, this entailed a visit to Grill’d for dinner. And of course this did not satisfy James. He demanded coffee and cake. So we went to Brunetti’s so that he could Enjoy His Life (consisting of latte and mud cake). I chose the custard tart, which also had a massive chocolate flakey thing on top.

We then went to Nova to see the movie, Whatever Works, starring Larry David. I thought that it was pretty funny, and that the main character was good, but that certain bits of the movie were just unbelievable or contrived and let it down. However, it was enjoyable and I’m going to have to see some more Woody Allen films.

Today’s photo is of the Clifton Hill City Circle Loop, being the tunnel at Melbourne Central. I like the way it vanishes off into the distance and generally looks cool, and went to the end of the platform (still behind the line!) to take some photos. After a while, they told me off over the PA. It was a tossup between that photo and this one of the intersection of La Trobe and Swanston (ft. the State Library and motion blur). In the end the tunnel one won because being personally told off made my day.


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