Day 57- October 17, 2009

It’s pretty difficult to eat healthily in my house. It’s not that we don’t eat a varied, nutritious diet like you might have learned about in primary school, but more that (at time of writing) we have two cakes, one pudding and at least ten varieties of icecream. I haven’t the heart to check our chocolate supplies. Like, literally.

So being the health-conscious person that I am (by which I mean that if I eat too much junk food, I get stomach upsets), I decided to snack on some fruit. Well, and icecream. But it’s not very much. I think I’ll have to make fruit salad more often. It’s pretty photogenic.

Apart from that, there really is not that much to say about today. I slept. I vacuumed. I listened to Bowie. Real Estate Bird did another inspection of the house and has started licking our windows. I didn’t even know birds had tongues (never studied biology). I jammed with Maxim. And took several dozen photos of him. Fairly uneventful, really, kicking back on a Saturday afternoon.


3 responses to “Day 57- October 17, 2009

  1. Real-Estate Bird, what a great way to fly….

  2. I’m getting to like the recurring presence of the Real Estate bird… It’s strangely comforting…
    I think everyone, deep down, wants a real-estate bird.

  3. I have heard about all those tubs of ice cream…and the chocolate stash. I have also given your mother strict instructions that she must stop buying them but to no avail. You are all doomed.

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