Day 58- October 18, 2009

Readers may remember I took a course several weeks ago on How To Turn Your Camera On And Then Ask Several Pointless Questions. Being somewhat unsatisfied with the scope of that course and being able (through the purchase of a camera several years ago from the same shop) to redeem another course, I took the tram from East Brunswick to go take the next course up.

Not knowing where to go for lunch, I disembarked at Spring Street and wandered the streets looking for food (which makes me sound like a vagrant, but really I was just hungry). I meandered through some strange backstreets, Chinatown (ooh lanterns!) and Bourke St (in which I found a quite talented street performer, surrounded by a large audience) to Block Place, where I supped on foccacia.

After my course, during which I resolved to download Adobe Lightroom as soon as I got my new laptop, I met up with Alex, who had come back from a European holiday. He took me (in his mother’s car, having apparently abandoned his car on a street somewhere due to a flat battery) to this bizarre shop in Gertrude Street that seems to specialise in selling random crap (such as these clamps, or whatever they are).

Alex drove around looking for a parking spot for ages, giving me plenty of time to snap shots of things one might find in Brunswick Street. We went to Bar Open to check out a band that was playing there. Today’s photo is obviously from there, featuring the bassist in a purple suit and green shirt (heaps of photos on my Flickr page from there).

We had pizza for dinner (during which he bemoaned the lack of capsicum on his pizza) and went back to my place for some accordion playing and telling of bizarre stories. It appears that my computer is aware it is being replaced and is trying to go out with a bang by inflicting as much misery upon me as it can in the time that it has left. It will be nice when I’ll be able to copy and upload my photos and write my blog in less than two hours. Sleep time.


2 responses to “Day 58- October 18, 2009

  1. Is that Industria in Gertrude Street? That’s where I bought your billiard balls from.

  2. Yeah, I saw them there!

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