Day 59- October 19, 2009

My week always starts with ridiculousness in the form of Self and Other. I don’t think it’s a good thing. Well, not good right now, but I’m sure we’ll all look back on it and laugh. Unlike Logic. James and I are still bitter about that. Bad move…

So we finished with Ghassan and his penis envy and have now moved on to John Cash (the professor, not the singer) who also takes Freud way too seriously for my personal comfort and spent an hour telling us how everybody feels insecurity and how the world is devoid of security, committment, trust and all those other things that prevent you from taking your own life in a lecture theatre.

Spent most of the day grilling cheese, researching folk music and organising for the delivery of my new laptop. Which I need. Badly. My photos are still coming up in the Flickr uploader. Not uploading, just coming up. It’s all frozen. Argh!

Went out in the evening with Andrew to the Brunswick Hotel to see Marc play. I’ve missed about a half dozen of his gigs and I was in need of a photo for today (AND it was free!), so I went along. He was playing for what was called the Good Folk Club, a type of open stage thing for “emerging” (just because everybody else uses that word) musicians. This also explained why he was playing acoustic guitar and harmonica, and attempted a Dylan impersonation at one point (I think it was too much of a strain on the voice).

Apart from the obligatory Dylan cover, the rest of the set was original, and included an ode to his father (in lieu of a Father’s Day gift with cash value) and a song about his experience with clinical trials (which would sound incredibly deep if you didn’t know it was about selling your body to Science). We also heard this girl who performed some indie-pop kinda stuff and a bit of hip hop. It was pretty cool. I’ve put all the photos from tonight into my new “Music Photography” set on Flickr (so Check It Out!).


2 responses to “Day 59- October 19, 2009

  1. Dear lord was logic bad. *shudders*
    I’m still bitter too…Philosophy they said….And yet..

  2. I seem to remember you being somewhat enthusiastic about logic, or at least fuzzy logic.
    I’ve never heard the sentence “ooh, fuzzy logic!” before… (or since)

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